Make Each Spring Moment Count

By Lauren Schilling

lauren-s-16March 10th is a day that every student is eagerly awaiting this semester. Why? Because it’s the very last day of class before the start of Spring Break – a time when people escape the chaos of school and get a sneak peek into what their summer life is going to be like. So in recognition of this beautiful break, I’ll be telling a short story about my favorite spring break and how it ties into one of the most interesting summer vacations I’ve taken.

It was the spring of my junior year in high school and my club volleyball team was in St. Louis for a tournament in order to qualify for the Junior Olympics that happen every summer. Over the course of the five days I was there with my family and friends, I truly discovered how much I enjoy playing volleyball and seeing new places. Finding neat hole-in-the-wall restaurants and learning about the culture of that city were instrumental in my decision to take part in more out-of-town volleyball programs.

So when that spring break ended and summer quickly approached, my mom and I started to look for cool opportunities to play volleyball overseas. Thankfully the opportunity presented itself and I was able to be a part of a USA volleyball teen team that played in Hungary and Croatia for over 2 weeks.

The 2 weeks that I spent in Western and Eastern Europe are weeks I will never forget. I played the sport I love with a fantastic group of girls, I got to see three different countries, and got to take part in some marvelous foreign shopping!

Our trip started in Hungary where we stayed for three days. Then we drove through Slovakia to  Croatia where we stayed for nine days, and then on to Italy where we spent our last day shopping in Venice. The sights were beautiful and ornate while the adventures with my teammates were hilarious and bonding. So whenever I think back on to that epic summer vacation I remind myself that if I hadn’t done something exciting over spring break, I most likely would have never known what to do with that summer.

Therefore my advice for you all is try at least one new thing this spring break. You never know what new things you’ll find that will inspire you to journey to places you’ve always wanted to see or experience things you’ve always wanted to experience. This little reprieve can be the perfect insight into what could be a spectacular summer, so make each spring break moment count!



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