What It Means to Be an EPPS Student

amy-nguyenBy Amy Nguyen

As we entered college, one of the most important decisions we had to make was choosing a major. Deciding on a major is a soul-searching task as it defines who we will become someday. In college, our majors become a part of our identity. I, like many of my peers, faced this difficult decision, and even after choosing to be a political science major, I was unsure of my choice because of the constant questioning of what kind of opportunities would be available for social science majors. On top of that, when most of the students I met on campus were either engineering, natural science, or business majors, my uncertainty grew.

On the first day of college, a landmark date in the lives of students, I stepped into the EPPS Freshmen Seminar. Upon meeting my fellow EPPS students, the doubt I held about my major dissipated as I once again found what it was that made me choose to be an EPPS student.

Towards the end of the class, we went around the room to introduce our names, majors, and future plans. We had students representing all of the different majors under the School of EPPS. Each of the students had unique plans for what they wanted to do in the future. Many wanted to be lawyers, politicians, social workers, teachers, and many other careers. There was, however, one unifying characteristic in all of our plans, and it was not money or fame. It was the passion to better society.

As humans, we have an innate need to form societies, and as social science majors, we study society and the relationships in it. We are EPPS students to make the world a better place because of our recognition of society’s importance and not because we want wealth and fame. Being EPPS students means that we are stewards of the world we live in, and we will, one day, improve society through our studies in the School of EPPS which will nurture us to be community leaders.


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