The Start of Something New

By Caroline Henry

caroline-henryYou never think about becoming a grown up till it’s actually happening. Scary right? And for us freshman the first step of adulthood started when your parents drop you off for college. This is the point where you are officially on your own. For some it isn’t a change and for others it is a major culture shock. Me – being the semi-confident person I am – was ready; I came thinking nothing can stop me. I’ll be home on holidays and I’ll be alright.

After the first night I was already missing my dogs, my family, and my friends from home.  Being five hours away, you slowly being to miss the small things about home. And it’s perfectly fine. Because this time away from home makes you grow and become the person that you always dreamed of being. However, that wasn’t the complete case for me. I went from being super confident, to missing home terrible, to confusing my schedule, to semi understanding my way around. But now I can say I am pretty confident in my transition to college.

Right away at orientation they told us college is going to be very different. So do what you love, learn an instrument, join a club, and especially don’t forget to make it count.  So I followed their advice. I tried out clubs, and explored downtown Dallas. I am giving it my all. However, I learned the hard way college can only work if you can balance work and being social. Have a midterm next Tuesday? Study instead of going out with your friends. We truly have to practice give and take to be successful in these four years.



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